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Destinations Of Caribbean Cruises

There are many exciting destinations to explore in the Caribbean. The Caribbean can be broken up into Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean and Southern Caribbean regions, each with its own unique locations, activities and natural beauty. Royal Caribbean is currently running a special: 7 night Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas from just $499. and an 8 night Caribbean cruise from $549 which may be upgraded to oceanview for just $100 more. Book now for lowest prices.

Grand Cayman is a popular destination with fun and sun all around. You can even swim with stingrays, participate in sailing boat races, see ancient ruins of past civilizations and explore awe inspiring rain forests.

No matter the destination, Caribbean cruises are among the most

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popular because of the variety of activities, beautiful destinations with natural wonders all around and very pleasant temperatures. For the most part, youíll be able to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts night or day in the Caribbean.

So, what do you need to bring along on a cruise to the Caribbean? Besides the basics of clothes and toiletries, itís a good idea to bring at least a few swim suits. This way you will always have another suit to water thatís dry. If youíve ever tried to squeak into a wet swimsuit, then you know what Iím talking about. Thereís just noting fun about putting on an icy cold suit that doesnít want to go on.

Be sure to bring your camera because there will be tons of interesting things to snap pictures of. Youíll want these to record your vacation for yourself as well s to share with friends once you get back home from your cruise vacation.

You probably want to bring a range of dressy clothes. There will be plenty of situations perfect for casual wear, such as shorts and t-shirts. These type of clothes will be used the most and should make up most of your vacation wardrobe. Itís also a good idea to have some dressier clothes on hand. Itís likely that there will be at least one very formal event such that tuxedos would be appropriate. If you really do not wish to travel with a tux, however, these are generally available for rental from the cruise line.

Itís very important that you use sunscreen every day. You will be getting a lot of sun. You may not notice the increased amount of sun exposure, but youíre skin surely will if you donít protect it with a high SPF sunscreen.

Above all else, donít forget to pack your sense of fun and adventure. Remember, your vacation is a time for you and yours t relax and rejuvenate. If you donít want to take part in scheduled activities, donít. Make your cruise vacation work for you. It can be just as much fun to lounge around the ship as it is to take all port side excursion options.

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