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Journey with us:
Season Special:
Christmas and Yuletide

Apple Country
Thai Incense Search
Oak Glen California
Thailand Condos
Thailand Escape
Thailand Snake Farm
African Safari
Twisted Tryst

Visit from Ernest
Thai Silk
War and Politics

Oak Glen, California
Solvang, Fairytale Destination

Country Inns & Suites
Wistful Vistas
Journal of Places, Times and Cultures

Horse drawn carriage
Oak Glen, California
Travel Tales: Oak Glen -- Long Ago but not so Far Away
Oak Glen in the San Bernardino foothills, a link to America's past.

Buddhist Temple
Buddhist Temple
Thailand Escape
An extensive site: The Traveller's Guide to the Real Thailand.

Male Lion
African Adventure
The magic of the dark continent in fantasy and fact.

Incense Drying
Incense Drying
Travel Tales: The Search for the Charriya Incense Factory
Travels in the bush near Chiang Mai, Thailand in search of a small incense factory.

Twisted Tryst Bracelet
Twisted Tryst Bracelet
The Tale of the Twisted Tryst Bracelet
The story of Prince Phao and a very twisted tryst

Roundabout Ahead
Roundabout Ahead
Travel Tales: Doing Things the Roundabout Way. Travels in Australia: The wonders of roundabouts, the truly intelligent intersection.

Earnest and me
Ernest and Me
Travel Tales: A Visit From Ernest and Uncle Ling
Heather tells of a summer with Ernest and Uncle Ling from Taiwan

Solvang Windmill
Solvang, California
Travel Tales: Solvang, CA
A Fairytale Destination, a bit of Denmark on the plains of California

The Tale of Thai Silk
Yunee tells how Thai Silk is Produced

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