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The Story of Thai Silk
by Yunee

Thai silk products are still very much a cottage industry. Very little has changed in the way the silk is processed since the fabric first came to this area of south east Asia. Much of the silk produced comes from plantations, the cocoons sold to individuals to process. The strands are still made into skeins by hand, and sold by weight to weaving mills. Weaving in Thailand is nearly all done by hand. Since labor is relatively inexpensive, and quality fabric is very labor intensive, it is not economical to 'go the route of the western world', sacrificing quality for quantity.

Most skeins of silk are hand dyed using the same techniques known for thousands of years to achieve the delicate variations in the appearance of the finished fabric. The average factory is anywhere from one to 10 looms, all of which are hand made, usually by local craftspeople. The weavers work at a leisurely pace. In typical Thai style, nobody is ever expected to work at break-neck speed or under harsh or severe conditions.

The weather is often sweltering, and thus the weavers take breaks when they wish and work at their own pace. In turn this adds a personal touch to each piece of fabric made. Often one will see mothers weaving, their children about them, the local dogs and cats sleeping in the shade on the cool floors.

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