Africa Adventure

African Adventure

Africa! No other continent has evoked so much fascination and enthusiasm among adventurous and romantic souls. As a boy I devoured all 23 books in the Tarzan series and all the available H. Rider Haggard novels before going on to the non-fiction of Sir Richard Burton, Elspeth Huxley, Gerrald Durrell and others. Africa, both historical and current, has inspired many brilliant wielders of the English language pen and through them, all who appreciate well-written adventure.

On these pages the Africaphile will find the sights, sounds and taste of Africa, both fiction and fact, historical and current, musical and artistic. Fictional accounts have probably shaped and distorted the westerner's image of Africa more than have factual works, but both genres have much to offer those with a love for the dark continent. Whether colonialism, western exploitation, or independence has been most responsible for Africa's current woes is difficult to determine, but better overall awareness of the history and potentials of Africa are certainly part of the solution. Come with us to Africa.


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