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A Caribbean Christmas Carol


A Caribbean Christmas Carol

Piano Accompaniment Version

Full Ensemble

A Caribbean Christmas Carol

By DT (More information on the Caribbean Christmas Carol)

Palm green hills a-bove the bright sand shore
The waves break green and white there down be-low
This sun-set and then a few days more
Al-ways seems we've hard-ly ar-rived and have to go-o
On the chair there
Hung a bright red suit
There's a bright red hat on the hook
Clo-ven hooves paw the bril-liant sand
And they feel that it's the stran-gest place for rein-deer.

All day long
He sits there on the sand
And reads that list of names
With pen in hand
Then he shakes
As from an i-cy blast and says
"If I could on-ly stay here o-ver Christ-mas"
He would laugh
Un-til his paunch would quake
And he'd close his eyes and say "no.
I'll go back to the
Ice and snow and then
Ev-ery-one will have a mer-ry Christ-mas."